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YBSP partnered up with Pamoja festival

On July 30, 2017, YBSP had a partnership with the Pamoja Festival organizers. Pamoja Festival is a Christian event where all gospel artists are united, using music to preach the Good News. But this time, Pamoja Festival didn’t limit itself on gospel music, but expanded its boundaries to charity.
In fact, for every Pamoja Festival ticket sold by YBSP, the organization had some percentage to earn. Therefore, the ticket sold had been an amazing success that YBSP had all the tickets bought before the beginning of the event.
For that, YBSP takes this opportunity to thank Pamoja Festival organizers for having supported and given it help. And for those who would to help in one way or another, YBSP says: let “help each other with love and kindness” be your slogan. Let love be your guide in everything.
 Blog author Célia Kiman is an active member of YBSP. She is also an independent model. Célia strongly believes in a Burundi without a child on the street.

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