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Feed A Child, a YBSP program, is a direct response to the growing number of street kids in Burundi. The last couple of decades has been marked by civil war, violence and political instability that caused severe civilian casualties and property damages, often seen as the only consequences of the strife. The impact has been seen as immediate collateral damages caused by the war, and not on peoples’ lives. Due to mass floods of people fleeing the country, and violence, children have lost their parents and exposed to extreme poverty, homelessness and the street.

YBSP is a youth-led non-profit organization that implement activities aiming to improve lives in Burundi, with a particular interest on street kids by providing them with food, housing, education, and care; advocating for the child rights protection.

Through “Feed a Child”, YBSP thrives to fostering a commitment to street kids, and working to enhance their potential skills in order to develop self-esteem, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future through education. YBSP uses a community approach, through personal relationships, to foster youth consciousness and individual responsibility. Through the program, Street kids have friends, mentors, are supported and get inspiration to become responsible adults, with a sense of pride, integrity and accomplishment.

Due to the destructive habits developed in the street– which become a daily lifestyle – most of street kids undergo through hopelessness and limited opportunities to a better future. However, YBSP believes in the potential of every child. By offering them a caring and inclusive learning environment, they are empowered and able to turn their hardship into stewardship, and become history makers to empower and positively impact their respective communities as well.

We believe that changing a life can contribute to change many lives—small steps, but big changes until we reach out to the whole community. We are taking a stand and we will not rest until every child has enough to eat and goes to school as well.

The future lies in children and youth, and every action that we do in order to help the community, is valuable towards shaping a better future for Burundi. We value dreams, education, and love.
Join us today to change street kids’ lives, regaining hope, love, responsibility, and providing housing, care and education, and contribute in shaping a better future for Burundi.

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